We have braces that are a fit for both kids and adults whether it’s a matter of correcting a minor alignment problem, improving the bite, or the look of Your Smile, Your Way®. 

How Do Braces Work?


Braces are one of the most effective ways to correct various dental alignment and bite problems. For example, with braces crooked teeth can be straightened, a gap can be closed, and a bite can be corrected. Straight teeth are easier to clean and this also helps prevent tooth decay and gum problems. As a result, braces are an excellent option for improving the overall health of your smile and can often be used to prevent dental problems that would require other invasive and expensive procedures.

Braces For Kids

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Kids sucking on thumbs, toys, or blankets can cause significant dental problems early on. Growth problems can be identified and treated early so we suggest a child sees an orthodontist at age seven. Early, interceptive braces and other specialty treatments for kids, like expanders, can correct harmful habits, improve speech, encourage nasal breathing, enhance confidence, eliminate crossbites/underbites/overbites, and more.

Braces For Teens

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As a teen, the baby teeth are gone, the second molars are in, the wisdom teeth can be assessed, and jaw lines complete their development. This is a perfect time for us to check tooth alignment and the bite and advise for braces to create Your Smile, Your Way®. 

Braces For Adults

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It is more common than ever to see adults looking for options to straighten their teeth, and this includes using braces. Bad teeth alignment means teeth are harder to clean and can cause gum disease and cavities. OX’s adult braces options can eliminate these concerns and help you get the smile you want.

Types of Braces

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LightForce Braces

Your comfort and convenience are our top priorities and that is why we offer LightForce 3D printed braces. We reduce the number of appointments you need and get you that new smile faster with LightForce braces, the first and the only custom-made braces system in the world. The braces are tooth-colored, providing a discreet treatment that is a custom fit only for you.

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Traditional Metal Braces

Metal braces (brackets) are smaller and more comfortable than ever. They have an open face to allow the wire to engage the bracket, and then your orthodontic technician will use small colored (or clear) rubber ties to grip the wire into the bracket slot. This junction helps the wire move the teeth to correct the bite and achieve your new smile.

Damon Self-Ligating Metal Braces


Self ligating brackets use the slide mechanism that is all metal or ceramic so no rubber ties are needed to hold the wire in place. There is less friction so the wire does not bind and the teeth move faster with greater comfort. 

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Damon ceramic braces come in two styles; the slide system which does not have the rubber ties, and  the open face system which uses ties to hold the wire in place. These tooth colored, esthetic, innovative braces will help you comfortably achieve your best smile.  

OXSmiles inside the box


At-home clear aligner treatment with Invisalign saves you time and money when you are looking for a limited treatment. It starts by you sending us photographs of your teeth, and our specialist orthodontist will review them to determine if you are a candidate for this convenient, less expensive, and alternative orthodontic experience with treatment times of 6 months or less. The aligners are shipped to you along with a monitoring device, and you can start your treatment. Learn more about the OXSmiles at home aligner product today. 

Virtual Office Visit & Oversight With Teledentistry

You need clinical expertise and oversight for your orthodontic treatment, and you want to stop missing school and take less time off from work! Before you ever even step foot into the office, now you can connect with an Orthodontic specialist at OX just by using your cellphone. By taking selfies and sending us the photos, you can have your smile assessed, get treatment recommendations, and pricing from our Ellicott City/Columbia or Clarksville/River Hill orthodontists. 

You also have the option to schedule a virtual consultation appointment. Send us a selfie and we will arrange a time to meet with you virtually to go over treatment options, how long your treatment will take, and cost.

Once you start treatment, we monitor your progress using teledentistry technology with AI and you only need to come in for an appointment when you want to or need to.

Global Leader For Invisalign Treatment Since 1998

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Common Customer BRACES Questions

Metal braces are the most common in orthodontic practices, and we use the smallest metal bracket made from high-grade stainless steel. The Damon braces and wires are low-profile, comfortable, and easy for you to clean. But we also use the most technologically advanced braces that are 3D printed by LightForce.

It’s important to avoid sticky foods such as toffee, licorice, gum, and gummy candy. In addition, it would be best to avoid hard, crunchy snacks like nuts and hard pretzels. Popcorn kernels can get stuck in the braces and cause a sore. Lastly, avoid foods with colorants such as spaghetti sauce if you have braces that need the rubber ties because they will discolor.

Issues include, but are not limited to, difficulty flossing, gaps between your teeth, crooked teeth, jaw pain, problems brushing, issues biting down, and difficulty chewing food.  Of course, if you want to improve your smile for esthetic reasons this is an excellent reason as it boosts confidence, self-esteem, and has been shown to make people smile more when they feel good about their teeth.

Depending on your smile, orthodontic treatment may last as little as three months or up to three years. Most standard treatments takes 12 to 24 months. Following instructions, keeping appointments, brushing, and flossing correctly can help shorten treatment time. OX uses OX on-the-Go, an app that can help patients speed through treatment by getting the most out of every aligner or braces adjustment.

This is often one of the first questions we get from people considering braces. Having a consultation, either virtually or in person, OX can provide pricing. Based on how your teeth look and how long treatment will take, we can give you cost and payment options. If you have insurance, we can also look into your coverage and benefits for a complete picture of your treatment cost. 

You will likely experience some soreness during your first couple of days of having braces. This is perfectly normal as your teeth, gums, and mouth get used to your new braces — and should start to subside after a few days.

Getting orthodontic treatment is an important milestone for a confident and stunning smile. We know that choosing the right orthodontist is a critical decision, and at OX Orthodontix, we fully understand that. That’s why OX provides free consultations to assist patients in making well-informed choices. By taking advantage of our complimentary consultation, patients receive a personalized treatment plan tailored to their unique needs. This plan outlines the most suitable options, ensuring you receive the best possible care.

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