Virtual Consultation

Our commitment to providing care to both new and existing patients has never been more important. A virtual consultation is a great way to know if you’re a candidate for orthodontic treatment without having to leave home.

Find Out If You Need Orthodontic Services

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Our orthodontists will identify if orthodontic treatment is necessary and will provide a brief report showing your treatment options.

You need clinical expertise and oversight for your orthodontic treatment, and you want to stop missing school and take less time off from work! Before you ever even step foot into the office, now you can connect with an Orthodontic specialist at OX just by using your cellphone. By taking selfies and sending us the photos, you can have your smile assessed, get treatment recommendations, and pricing from our Ellicott City/Columbia or Clarksville/River Hill orthodontists.

You also have the option to schedule a virtual consultation appointment. Send us a selfie and we will arrange a time to meet with you virtually to go over treatment options, how long your treatment will take, and cost.

Once you start treatment, we monitor your progress using teledentistry technology with AI and you only need to come in for an appointment when you want to or need to.

5 simple steps to a straight smile

Book your

free consultation

We’re available 7 days a week for free video consultations. Once you complete your reservation, you’ll receive a link to our virtual office. One of our knowledgeable orthodontists will guide you on your teeth straightening journey. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about our treatment process.


See your

future smile

After your initial consultation, you’ll book an appointment at our convenient locations. During this visit we’ll take photos of your teeth and do a smile simulation. Within minutes, you will be able to see an accurate digital simulation of your smile, letting you preview what your smile will look like after orthodontic treatment.



buttoned up!

Any visits to our dental office are kept to a minimum, but we’ll ask you to come in for just a couple of things. Like placing your adjusting braces or delivering your sets of Invisalign Aligners and buttons. These clear composite buttons help your Invisalign clear aligners grip your teeth and increase the efficiency of your treatment.




To get started with treatment you’ll receive your first set of Invisalign clear aligners and we’ll show you how to care for them during your first visit. We’ll give you tips and tricks to make sure your treatment is easy and effective.




We’ll touch base with you every week through your smartphone app to make sure your tooth movement is on track. Along the way, we’ll make any necessary adjustments and do our best to keep your treatment as convenient as possible for you.


Straight Smile


Once we’ve achieved your straightest smile, we’ll do another 3D scan to make your custom retainers. You’ll need to wear these just like your aligners for a few months – then you’ll be able to switch to wearing them only at night. These retainers are an essential part of your treatment process, ensuring you have lasting results. And we include them for free!

We are leading providers of Invisalign treatment globally

At Ox Orthodontix® we are Diamond+ Invisalign providers. This is the highest designation level possible from Align Technology. Our skilled team has treated over 7,000 smiles with Invisalign clear aligners – and we can’t wait to create amazing results for you, too!

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