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OX Orthodontix is your Invisalign specialists

When Invisalign was introduced in 1997, we were one of the first practices to use this new technology and we are still a beta test practice so OX utilizes the latest technology first.

OX Orthodontix is Ellicott City/Columbia and Clarksville/Riverhill, MD areas’ top Invisalign provider and we’re proud to be in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the world.

Our patients take comfort in knowing that our experienced orthodontists have treated more patients than 99% of orthodontists worldwide. Our team specialize in this innovative orthodontic treatment and have treated over 8,000 patients with Invisalign.

How it works How it works

With so much experience, the OX Orthodontix team is well-equipped to make everyone a candidate for Invisalign, including children as young as 7 and adults in their 90s. You're never too young or too old for Invisalign.

Invisalign for kids Invisalign for kids

The OX Orthodontix team love seeing kids smile so if we can give them the confidence to flash their pearly whites and be proactive in their treatment, we may recommend Invisalign as a preliminary treatment solution.

Invisalign for teens Invisalign for Teens

At OX Orthodontix, we make Invisalign treatment fun for teens. There’s no need to feel self-conscious about having orthodontic treatment, because the combination of Invisalign’s virtually invisible aligners and our Diamond Plus Invisalign team’s experience, means no one will know you’re having treatment.


Howard County’s top recognized provider

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Invisalign choices for you

If you’d like to learn more about your different options for Invisalign treatment, contact our Ellicott City or Clarksville offices and one of our staff members will happily assist you. Your first visit is always free, so book a consultation today!

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