OX Orthodontix is Ellicott City/Columbia and Clarksville/River Hill, MD areas’ top Invisalign provider and we’re proud to be in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the world.

Our patients take comfort in knowing that our experienced orthodontists have treated more patients than 99% of orthodontists worldwide. Our team specializes in this innovative orthodontic treatment and have been using it since its launch in 1997.

What Is Invisalign

Invisalign is the most widely used clear orthodontic clear aligner. Clear aligner orthodontic tooth movement is similar to traditional orthodontics in that teeth are moved in safe increments by placing a force on the crowns (the part you see in the mouth) of the teeth to move the crown and the root (the part below the gums).

How It Works

Your smile and bite are designed by your orthodontist using sophisticated 3D planning software. The order and manner in how your teeth are moved to get your your smile destination are also planned by your orthodontist. It’s after the planning is complete that your OX Orthodontist will use Invisalign to manufacture these orthodontic clear aligners which apply the pressure needed to make the teeth move to their ideal location.

Options For Everyone

Invisalign for Kids

Children often have orthodontic issues including deep bite, crowded-out adult teeth, narrow arches, and crossbites. We can correct many of these issues with Invisalign clear aligners and many families choose that route for ease of oral care and no limit on dietary options.

Invisalign for Teens

Some teens want braces for the colors and because they don’t have to keep track of wearing something. Others can address their orthodontic needs with a clear, aesthetic option that is effective and discrete.

Invisalign for Adults

Most of our adult patients come to us for invisalign treatment. The adjustment period is short and the appliance is clear. This means Invisalign clear aligner treatment is optimal for adults who favor an almost invisible appliance while we work on their ideal smile and bite.

INVISALIGN at-Home for Adults

Some adults qualify for a limited, all remote, at-home Invisalign treatment. This limited option focuses on just a few teeth, does not include bite correction, and treatment time is 6 months or less. Treatment is monitored by OX Orthodontix specialists in orthodontics and is optimal for adults who appreciate specialty care without having to miss work or school for in-office appointments.

Benefits of Invisalign


Take out your aligners to eat, drink, brush and floss. No wire or brackets means unrestricted eating, nowhere for food to get caught and nothing to break.


The smooth, closely fitted trays don’t irritate like wires or brackets can. Keep up with your activities without worries or changes in routine.


Fewer appointments are needed, since you just switch to the next tray instead of having an in-office braces adjustment. And the appointments you do have take less time.

Dr. Selnick on Invisalign

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