How To Have An Ortho-Friendly Halloween

Halloween is a time for ghosts, witches, spooky stories, and lots of candy. However, it is also a time when braces may have to work a little harder to avoid getting their wires tangled with Tootsie Rolls, Snickers, and other treats. Halloween is when those with braces must be careful what they eat. Still, that does not mean braces wearers have to sit on the sidelines while everyone else stuffs their faces with goodies. If you or somebody you care about is currently having orthodontic treatment, here are some helpful tips to have a happy and healthy Halloween.

What Candies Should I Avoid with Braces?

Some candy can harm your brackets, wires, or other attachments. For example, did you know that hard candy is one of the worst things you can eat with braces? Hard candy can break brackets and wires. Also, if you eat nuts with braces, the metal on the outside of the nut can irritate your teeth. The metal can cause a hole in the enamel of your tooth. Here are some candies you should avoid.
  • Caramels
  • Taffy
  • Hard candy
  • Chewy candy
  • Jellybeans
  • Licorice
  • Bubble gum
  • Suckers
  • Sour candy
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Gum
And of course … don’t go bobbing for apples!

What Candies Are Safer with Braces?

The good news is some candies are safer to eat. Sweets that are better options include:
  •  Chocolate (without caramel or nuts)
  •  Peanut butter cups
  •  KitKats
  •  3 Musketeers
  •  Marshmallows
  •  Soft Cookies
Remember to brush well after consuming any treat! You don’t want a buildup of any food stuck around your appliance on your teeth, which can lead to cavities. If a wire comes out of place or a bracket or attachment does come off, call the orthodontist as soon as possible so everything can be put back in its proper places. For wires that bother you before your appointment, you can push them as flat as possible against the tooth with a pencil eraser, clip them with nail clippers, or cover them in orthodontic wax. A safe and healthy Halloween is a happy Halloween!
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