How to Choose the Right Orthodontist in Columbia?

Looking forward to reaching out to the best orthodontist in Columbia?

From the initial consultation to crafting a clear roadmap to delivering top-notch service as we do at OX Orthodontix, it’s critical to choose a reliable orthodontist – that’s because you’re trusting someone with your or your child’s smile – and it’s really important to find the right fit.

While selecting the right orthodontists may feel daunting and time-consuming, we’ve prepared a list of five things patients should look for and consider while selecting the right orthodontist for themselves or their children.

5 Tips to Consider While Choosing an Orthodontist in Columbia

Following are the five tips we want you to consider while choosing an orthodontist in Columbia:

  • Experience & Education
  • Office Environment
  • Treatment Types
  • Reputation
  • Cost of Treatment

Experience & Education

The journey to becoming an orthodontist isn’t an easy one and it’s advisable to reach out to an orthodontist with years of experience in his/her field. At the same time, it’s critical to gain deeper insights into the orthodontist’s education – not every orthodontist has had the best of the best.

The higher number of years the orthodontist has been in the field, the better you can expect his/her services to be. 

But – that doesn’t mean you should completely stay away from newly-established offices. 

We’d advise you to inquire about an orthodontist’s experience prior to making a decision. Ask him/her more about his/her educational background and the specialty training he/she has had. After all, you want to know who’s going to treat you, your child, or one of your loved ones. It’s a matter of oral health. 

Office Environment

Prior to an initial consultation, hop onto Google and look for relevant office pictures. Pay attention to the atmosphere and environment. Does it look clean? And if you think you like the vibe, you may head over to their office to understand whether the environment and atmosphere are the same as depicted in the pictures.

During your visit, gain insights into general disinfection or sterilization protocol.

Also, ask yourself:

Does the staff seem friendly?

Does everyone practice good hygiene?

You need people who don’t treat you or your child like a NUMBER. Instead, make sure that the staff treats their patients like REAL PEOPLE.

Make a note of all of it – and based on that, you can make your final decision.  

Treatment Types

We’ve come a long way. Most orthodontists offer different types of treatment options but if you’re looking for a specific treatment option, then you’d want to make sure that it’s offered by the one on your list. 

This may include metal braces, Invisalign, clear ceramic braces, and more. Hence, we’d advise you to hop onto their website or call their front desk and try to gain insights into the services offered.

Our website design and development team has done a brilliant job at listing down our services on our website. Feel free to explore our website to gain deeper insights.

Not every orthodontist is a right fit for all patients – so it’s critical to explore different options and understand more about their services before making a final decision.


When it comes to dental treatments, people are often unbiased – if they like the service, they’ll love nothing more than being all praises. But if they don’t, they may leave bad reviews.

Reach out to people in your inner circle to know more about an orthodontist’s services. If they haven’t heard of the practice you are interested in, hop onto Google or other search engines for the same.

Orthodontists also receive doctoral as well as business ratings from organizations and SMBs. Look for any awards any orthodontist has won. 

And the most important part – ask them for “Before & After” pictures – which will help you gain a much better understanding of the service.

Cost of Treatment

While narrowing down your list, you might want to make sure that you don’t end up spending too much on your treatment.

Hop onto the practice’s website to learn more about its pricing structure. If the pricing structure hasn’t been mentioned on their website, schedule a call with them for the same. 

Ask them if they take insurance in case you carry dental coverage. However, if you don’t have insurance, look for a practice that offers friendly financing payment plans.

We Offer the Best Orthodontic Experience in Columbia!

And that’s how you choose the right orthodontist in Columbia.

The OX Orthodontix team has always been heavily focused on delivering the top orthodontic service across the two locations we serve. From Metal to Customized Lightforce to Damon ceramic braces, we offer different types of braces to straighten your teeth plus enhance your smile. 

At the same time, we allow our patients to easily connect with our specialists via cell phones. So – no more having to miss the school or your office.

Also, we offer different services for kids, teens, and adults – making us one of the best orthodontic practices in Columbia and River Hill.

Book an appointment with us today.

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