The right time for an orthodontic evaluation is no later than 7 years old.

This is the recommendation of the American Association of
Orthodontists. An early exam allows the orthodontist to determine
subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth. Early treatment
enables us to:

guide jaw growth to correct crossbites, underbites & overbites
avoid extracting permanent teeth
correct harmful habits such as: thumb or finger sucking, tongue thrusting and some speech issues
lower the risk of injury to protruded front teeth
guide permanent teeth into favorable positions and avoid impacted teeth

Research has shown that many orthodontic problems can be treated
earlier and more easily with better long-term stability, before all of
the permanent teeth erupt. These results are achieved while the face and
jaws are still growing. In some cases these results are not possible
once the face and jaws have slowed in growth or have finished growing
altogether. Studies show that early detection can significantly reduce
the need to extract permanent teeth or have invasive jaw surgery at an
older age. While your child’s teeth may appear straight, there could
still be an underlying developmental skeletal problem that only the
orthodontist can detect.

If your child is not a candidate for early orthodontic intervention,
per the orthodontist, it is important that they continue to see the
orthodontist as recommended so they can properly monitor your child’s
dental development and advise when your child is ready to begin

An early phase of orthodontics does not exclude the possibility of needing a final phase once all the permanent teeth are in, but it does mean that the chances of not having any of the permanent teeth extracted, as used to be done, is <strong>much</strong> less if at all!

If you are interested in a complimentary consultation to see if your child is a candidate, please give our office a call!

Our consultations are always complimentary and we do this as a service to our community so that parents can get their children checked and questions answered by the orthodontist.