Invisalign has become a popular orthodontic treatment method because of the discreet look of the clear aligners and the convenience the removable aligners offer compared to traditional metal braces. If you’re considering Invisalign as your course of orthodontic treatment, it’s important you choose an orthodontist who is experienced in this newer orthodontic technology so your treatment ends with exceptional results. Our orthodontists are highly experienced with the Invisalign, having treated more patients with the clear aligner system than 99% of orthodontists worldwide.

OX Orthodontix prides itself on being Howard County’s Invisalign Top 1% Provider. What does that mean? Orthodontists who provide Invisalign to their patients receive a ranking based on their experience using the Invisalign system to treat orthodontic problems. The five possible rankings are General, Premier, Preferred, Elite, and Top 1%. With OX Orthodontix being a Top 1% Provider, our orthodontists at our Ellicott City and Clarksville, MD offices are a part of the top 1% of orthodontists in North America with the most experience with Invisalign.

OX Orthodontix As Your Top Invisalign Provider Near Columbia, MD

Drs. Hickory and Selnick have earned the ranking of Invisalign Top 1% Provider for their extensive work and experience with the innovative Invisalign system. Our orthodontists have used their expertise to develop an approach to Invisalign that allows them to make anyone a candidate for Invisalign, no matter your age or orthodontic situation. Since the inception of the practice, OX Orthodontix has treated over 5,000 patient cases with Invisalign!

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With over 5,000 smiles treated with Invisalign, our orthodontists’ expertise and experience with Invisalign is proven and you can be sure you’ll receive the best Invisalign care when you choose OX Orthodontix as your local orthodontist. OX Orthodontix offers Invisalign for kidsteens, and adults through customized treatment plans. To get your customized treatment plan started, fill out our online consultation form and achieve your best smile though Invisalign clear aligners!