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Ox Orthodontix Advocates Invisalign For Early Phase Orthodontics

Dr. Wayne Hickory and Dr. Sandra Selnick advocate early phase orthodontics for children to help reduce future treatment and complications.

Washington, DC – Orthodontists Wayne Hickory, DMD and Sandra Selnick, DDS, both of whom are Super Elite Invisalign® Providers in Maryland, are in the top 1% of all Invisalign® providers. Based on almost 30 years of experience, they advocate that the results of Invisalign® surpass the results a patient can achieve using traditional braces more often than not. As the nation’s leaders in Invisalign® orthodontic treatment, Drs. Hickory and Selnick have helped not only teenagers but also adults and young children achieve beautiful smiles.

Throughout their careers, the two Maryland orthodontists have helped over 4,000 people realize their goal of straight teeth and a healthy smile. Though teens and adults are the most common Invisalign® patients at their private practice, Drs. Hickory and Selnick also offer early phase orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® for young children.

In their latest blog post – titled, “Is My Child Too Young For Invisalign®?” – they state: “While word of Invisalign® for adults is spreading, early phase orthodontic treatment for children ages 7-10 remains an under-utilized resource.” They go on to explain how some dental issues can be prevented by receiving orthodontic treatment while the jaw is still growing and before all of the child’s adult teeth have settled into place.

Invisalign® for children still has the same benefits the innovative treatment does for any patient – discrete and removable clear aligners that can make eating food and cleaning the teeth much easier than traditional braces. However, there are added advantages for young patients, as well as their patients. “For children who exhibit early warning signs of future complications, this time of growth is ideal for correcting dental issues before they become more complicated,” say Drs. Hickory and Selnick. In addition, the parents of these children can save a lot of time and money that lengthier, more complicated treatments might entail by preemptively addressing issues early on.

Ultimately, Drs. Hickory and Selnick recommend all children make an appointment with an orthodontist by age seven to help reduce the potential need for tooth extractions and future, more extensive orthodontic treatment.

About Wayne B. Hickory, DMD, MDS

Dr. Hickory earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and went on to complete a postdoctoral orthodontics program and receive his Masters of Dental Science. With over 20 years in orthodontic private practice, Dr. Hickory was one of the first orthodontists to use Invisalign® in the United States. He continues to be the largest provider of Invisalign® in the U.S. Dr. Hickory is available for interview upon request.

About Sandra E. Selnick, DDS, MS

Dr. Selnick earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland before completing a general practice residency at the Veterans Medical Center in Baltimore. She went on to earn her postdoctoral certification in orthodontics while simultaneously receiving a master’s degree in oral biology. Dr. Selnick is available for interview upon request.

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