The dog days of summer are upon us, and with the temperatures beginning to
rise again, our team at OX Orthodontix wants you to be extra
careful when you are about having fun in the sun. Check out this
helpful article on Fifteen Ways to Keep Cool with Summer Safety Tips,
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It has ideas such as:

Alter your pattern of outdoor exercise
Wear loose-fitting clothing, preferably of a light color
Fill a spray bottle with water and keep it in the refrigerator for a quick refreshing spray to your face after being outdoors.
Try storing lotions or cosmetic toners in the refrigerator to use on hot, overtired feet
Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water along with sports drinks or other sources of electrolytes.
Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these will promote dehydration

The OX team also encourages you to always have a bottle of water on hand when you are heading out into the sun.

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