We can describe how Dental Monitoring, orthodontics via virtual appointments, works and why we think it’s amazing, but we mentioned the topic in our waiting room and one of our patients, Tracey, was happy to talk about her positive experience with remote monitoring.

Tracey is very familiar with OX Orthodontix as she has two children who are patients. Finally, she decided it was her turn for a beautiful smile. She needed a personalized treatment plan that fit her busy lifestyle.

Tracey works full time as a Science teacher in Howard County. She’s energetic and very knowledgeable about how orthodontic treatment works since both her children started orthodontic treatment with OX Orthodontix. Tracey is in her own treatment at OX and is happily using Dental Monitoring so that she has fewer in-office appointments.

Virtual Monitoring of Your Orthodontic Treatment

Visits are typically 8 weeks apart for braces. What Tracey raves about is the personalized appointments she has in between these office visits. Every 2 weeks, Tracey scans her teeth with her smart phone using the Dental Monitoring App and her progress is checked in the office virtually. Communication with her orthodontist is in real time through the App with instructions and advice.

Once her appointment was scheduled sooner when it was evident on the scan that a bracket was loose. Tracey had no idea about the bracket until she was notified.

Dental Monitoring also helps avoid unnecessary or inconvenient appointments. Often with Dental Monitoring, an in-office appointment can be pushed out because the wire has not finished it’s work with the braces or the Invisalign treatment is progressing so well that the trays fit perfectly.

Patients find that Dental Monitoring gives them peace of mind. Tracey says, “I like the constant attention to my treatment and the level of care that Dental Monitoring affords me.”

High Tech Orthodontic Treatment for Busy Patients

OX Orthodontix is dedicated to providing you with the best possible and most convenient orthodontic treatment through the latest technologies available. For over 30 years we have always been a practice of “firsts,” leading the way in the industry with Invisalign, lingual braces, 3D imaging, all private treatment rooms, iTero scanners, free consultations, financial/budgeting systems, and accelerated treatment. Now, we are pioneers as the only orthodontist in the Howard County area to offer the convenience of remote treatment supervision with Dental Monitoring.

The Advantages of Dental Monitoring with OX Orthodontix

With OX Orthodontix you have the security of knowing that your treatment both in the office and remotely is supervised by an orthodontist.

With either Invisalign or Damon braces, Dental Monitoring allows you to go through the course of treatment faster by staying on track with virtual appointments that reduce the need to take time out of your day to visit our office. When an in-office appointment is required we have great locations and extended office hours to suit your needs. Remote monitoring enables us to control and track progress in real time.

Get Started with Dental Monitoring!

We know families are busy and straight teeth with a good bite is important to your family’s overall health and well being. Dental Monitoring is a new and valuable tool that allows you get on with your day feeling secure in the knowledge that your treatment is well in the hand of an experienced orthodontist. Contact your local OX Orthodontix office to learn more about how Dental Monitoring could benefit you and your orthodontic treatment!