At 61 years of age, Jeff was resigned to his crooked front teeth.
That was until Agnes at OX Orthodontix, did a scan of his teeth with the iTero and showed him how terrific a new smile would look!
He is now on his second set of aligners and is on the road to a spectacular smile!
“My experience is excellent. I am amazed that my correction should be complete in 48 weeks. The aligners are comfortable to wear and a snap to put in and take out. I sleep with them and don’t even feel them,” Jeff said.
When asked if he would recommend OX and Invisalign, Jeff said, ” I am so happy to start and just regret that I waited so long.”
A pharmacist and personal trainer, Jeff is very conscientious about his health and fitness.
We will check back with Jeff and see how he is progressing on his journey to your smile, your way.