If you have been following Celebrity Holiday Favorites, we have a few orthodontic themed items to recommend for holiday gifting.

Our “OX celebrities” have selected favorite Ortho Store items for gift packages and stocking stuffers. You can pick these up in our offices and we’ll provide a gift bag and tissue! Grab an assortment and keep your smile healthy for the holidays.

Shalisse’s favorite
WaterPik Ultra Water Flosser and tips
“If you don’t like to floss, this one’s for you. This is ideal for anyone with braces and is 3x as effective as string floss for cleaning around braces.”

Simone’s Favorite
Philips Sonicare toothbrushes
“I see a lot of plaque buildup among patients, but once they start using Sonicare, there’s a huge improvement. It’s a thorough, yet gentle clean and is safe for orthodontics.”

Erin’s favorite
Bleaching Kits
“You can whiten your teeth with professional results in the comfort of your home with the bleaching kits offered at the Ortho Store. The holidays are the perfect time to get camera ready with a whiter smile.”
Daniela’s favorite

Gishy Goo
“One of the best ways to reduce emergency appointments is gishy goo. It’s better than wax and good to have on hand for any discomfort.”

Dawn’s favorite
Retainer Brite
“This product is hard to find so I recommend stocking up at the Ortho Store. It’s the best cleaning system for retainers to keep them clean and clear.”

Misty’s favorite
Remin Pro
“Remin Pro treats and prevents hypersensitivity and is available in several flavors. I highly recommend this cream to neutralize acids which cause plaque.”

Latisha’s favorite
Shock Doctor Mouthguards
“I love sports and dancing so I know the importance of a great mouthguard. Shock Doctor is state of the art with a gel fitting and lightweight design. Plus, you can’t beat the styles.”

Michelle’s favorite
Emergency Kits
“Just in case you have an emergency like a loose wire, its a great idea to have this kit handy. We’re happy to demonstrate, so you are ready should you need to clip a wire.”

Jenn’s favorite
Phos Flur
“This is my #1 recommendation so that while you are on the way to your best smile, you’re protected from getting cavities and white spots. This product is specially formulated for orthodontic patients and comes in 3 great flavors.”
We are happy to help you make your selections and save you money on all these products. Ortho Store prices are always below retail so come in and take advantage of the savings and convenience.