Our jobs, our families, and our leisure activities all keep us super busy. However, having a healthier smile shouldn’t be put on hold just because your schedule is always packed. OX Orthodontix, located in Clarksville and Ellicott City, is constantly seeking ways to give our patients more convenience and time for themselves when it comes to orthodontic treatment. The technology we offer is what sets us apart from most orthodontic offices and what allows even the busiest of families to undergo effective orthodontic treatment.

Here’s how OX technology streamlines your patient experience:


Download the OX app to your smartphone to access OX info on your treatment, appointments, rewards, and promotions. The app is available on the Apple Store or Google Play.


Many of our patients are already utilizing text messaging, so contacting your orthodontist is as easy as sending a quick text to a friend. Text us at 410-740-0002 to schedule or reschedule appointments and to also ask any questions you may have. We’ll respond during business hours.


Just as OX was a pioneer of Invisalign treatment, we are now one of the first practices to offer dental monitoring. This technology enables us to follow your treatment from photos you send us with your smartphone. Virtual treatment has arrived and we’re paving the way for you to get the smile you want with fewer appointments. That also means we can schedule your appointments at the ideal time for you and are alerted to changing conditions as they occur.


OX is continually researching and examining what’s new in the world of orthodontics to benefit our patients. If you’d like to join the OX patient family to take advantage of convenient orthodontic treatment through the latest technology, contact us to get you free consultation scheduled!