“When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.”

We agree wholeheartedly with AAO president Morris Poole, that this quote from

the late Walt Disney seems fitting for orthodontists like Dr. Hickory, Selnick,

Derakhshan, Smith and their staff who display great intellectual curiousity about

their discipline and a multitude of other topics as well.

What better place than Disney World to get creative minds going! Recently at the

2016 Annual Session in Orlando, the doctors and staff gathered information about

a wealth of clinical and scientific information. In addition, they attended in­depth

seminars about practice management.

All the attendees returned highly motivated to share their ideas and information

and work together as a team to implement new programs to benefit our patients

and staff.

When asked to share one of their top “pearls” of knowledge here is what they said.

Shalisse, Executive Assistant said­

“I learned about switching up our schedule on days that schools are closed to

make it more convenient for our patients. This would be something like having one

day a month where we do bondings in the afternoon and having two offices open

at once, one to see NPs and the other to see our regular patients.”

Jenn, Clinical Technician/Lab Technician said­

“The possibility of doing an “orthodontic scholarship” is amazing to me. I would

love to see a deserving teen get the treatment they wouldnt be able to get


Erin, Executive Assistant said­

“This was my first time at the AAO and will admit is was a bit overwhelming

walking around the exhibit hall with all the different venders and dental supply

companies. Technology has come so far since I had braces as a kid. There are

really a lot of great companies out there. I was able to speak with a rep from a

company that can make the office a custom photo booth and also run a program

on our reception TVs that talks about the office and patients can also upload

selfies directly to the TV. “

Dr. Selnick said­

“I was amazed by some of the new technology out there in orthodontics;

virtual monitoring, light activated movement, another pulse device, and a

new propel handpiece. Dental monitoring is new. You can monitor the

movement of your patients teeth virtually so that they can avoid unnecessary

appointments or you can catch unwanted movement early and correct it.”

Gwynn, Business Administrator/Human Resources said­

“What I liked most and would say it was a current theme was not “What” we

do, but “Why” we do it. When you see a patient grow more confident each

appointment as they began to see results, or watch someone go from never

smiling, to wanting to show the world their smile. It’s just the best feeling in

the world to know that our team made that happen.”

Nicole, New Patient Coordinator

“It’s always great to be part of such a, “high tech, high touch” team! What I

found to be most interesting, was different technologies that have recently

been released, to help mainstream the new patient process. Among the

technology, were great ideas on how to boost the morale of the office, and

being able to have the patient interact as well, to create a great office

experience for them!”

Christine, New Patient Coordinator/Marketing Assistant

It was great being a part of the largest orthodontic meeting and trade show.

So much valuable information on the newest technologies along with fun and

team building with your fellow co­workers.