At OX Orthodontix, we’re extremely proud to provide world-class orthodontic services to patients throughout the Ellicott City, Clarksville, and greater Howard County area – and now, we’re proud to say that we’ve been helping our community smile better for more than 30 years. 2017 marks the 30-year anniversary of OX Orthodontix, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate the three decades of having the privilege to give those of Howard County healthier smiles. We take deep pride in the work we do for our patients, and we’re incredibly grateful to have been helping people achieve beautiful smiles for 30 years.


A Commitment to Our Patients

Founded 30 years ago this year, OX Orthodontix started with a simple mission: provide world-class, top-quality orthodontic care at an affordable cost, in an environment patients love to visit. Since then, we’ve kept that mission at the heart of everything we do, seeking to serve our patients through the most advanced treatment and exceptional customer service year after year. This spirit of care and service has helped us grow as a practice, allowing us to now operate offices in Ellicott City and Clarksville.

Excellence in Invisalign

What really set OX apart, though, was our early adoption of Invisalign. Our very own Dr. Wayne Hickory and Dr. Sandra Selnick were early proponents of using Invisalign as a universal treatment, using it to treat conditions that normally would have been handled by braces. Dr. Mitra Derakhshan has worked with Invisalign for over ten years and is the senior director of Align Technology, the manufacturer of Invisalign.

Our approach and connections have allowed us to hone our expertise with Invisalign, creating new methods and practices that allow us to treat more patients than ever with Invisalign clear aligners. It has also earned OX Orthodontix a Lifetime Achievement award from Align Technology for treating more than 5,000 patients with Invisalign, as well as recognition as a Top 1% Invisalign Provider!

Contact Your Ellicott City & Clarksville, MD Orthodontist

We firmly believe that everyone deserves a healthy beautiful smile, and we’re proud to provide world-class orthodontic treatment to help our patients achieve that. If you’d like to see what sets OX Orthodontix apart and what has allowed us to thrive as a practice for 30 years, well, the only way is to experience it! Feel free to call us at 410-740-0002 to learn more about our practice or ask any questions, and if you’d like to schedule a free consultation to start your orthodontic journey, just request one using our easy online form. We hope to hear from you soon, and we thank you for helping us celebrate 30 years of OX smiles!