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Since Invisalign® was introduced, OX Orthodontix has treated over 5,000 patients. 

With this wealth of expertise the doctors are able to make everyone a candidate for Invisalign.

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For stubborn tooth movement, Propel is a new and innovative system for straightening teeth in a shorter time frame. 

Greater tooth movement is achieved by creating small punctures to stimulate the underlying bone.


Propel fast tracks orthodontic treatment for both braces and Invisalign treatments. 

As pioneers of new treatments, our doctors are trained in this revolutionary technology.



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New technology

New technology now allows us to shorten the path to your new beautiful smile; with AcceleDent®, 

we can reduce your orthodontic treatment by up to 50%.


AcceleDent is a lightweight, hands-free device that you hold comfortably in your mouth for just 20 minutes each day,

during which time you can perform nearly any routine activity. AcceleDent’s exclusive SoftPulse Technology® 

generates small vibrations called micropulses that gently and safely accelerate tooth movement.


We carefully consider new orthodontic options before recommending to our patients. AcceleDent is 

FDA cleared and has been used on patients across the U.S. to accelerate tooth movement. 

AcceleDent is fast, safe and gentle…best of all, it works.



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