Straight Teeth In Less Time

At OX Orthodontix, we want our patients to receive the best treatment available and obtain their new, straight smile as quickly and effectively as possible! To do this, we make sure our office is equipped with the latest technology, including Propel.

What Is Propel Orthodontics?

Propel is an innovative system that straightens teeth in a shorter amount of time than traditional treatment practices. Propel Orthodontics is the leading innovator and manufacturer of orthodontic devices that shift teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible. The Propel System creates alveolar perforations, or small punctures, to make traditional braces and Invisalign, more efficient. Creating these punctures accelerates the stimulation of bone production in the underlying bone in the jaw. This new technology allows for correction of teeth that have very difficult movement paths. Teeth that were once thought to be untreatable have the opportunity to transform into a beautiful smile!

At OX Orthodontix, we can complete the Propel treatment chairside in minutes with little discomfort to the patient. Our orthodontists are Propel Orthodontics providers, so you can enjoy a perfect smile faster than ever before!

The Advantages of Propel

   ● Shorter time frame
   ● Fewer treatment visits
   ● Fast track treatment for braces and Invisalign - moves teeth 50% faster than traditional treatment
   ● Greater tooth movement achieved
   ● Decorated technology with top quality recognitions

Visit Your Clarksville And Ellicott City Orthodontist

If you want to learn more about Propel treatment, please call our Ellicott City office at (410) 740-0002 or Clarksville office at (410) 531-1310. One of our staff members will be happy to assist you! We are committed to providing you with quick treatment despite stubborn tooth movement. Contact your local OX Orthodontix office to schedule an appointment or complete an online consultation today. We look forward to seeing you in the office!

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